Sunday, October 4, 2015

Portland Fashion Week - Vegan at the Bar

Fashion shows can be thirsty work. I'm happy to report that some of the sponsors of Portland Fashion Week have made a visit to the bar a refreshing and creative little activity all its own. I've been fueling myself for the festivities with a fun concoction of vodka and Bai5 Bubbles, which is a "sparkling antioxidant infusion." I like the pineapple flavor. It's vegan, it's tasty, and it's good for me. Yes it is!

Cheers to fellow blogger Adara! And thanks Janice Lorentz Photography
I went shopping downtown before dressing up for Night 3. I wanted a pop-of-color purse that was cute, practical, and genuine not-leather. I looked all over, and almost giving up, wandered into DD's, which kind of made me cringe, but I felt drawn inside, so I went with it. Making my way through racks of ugly, cheap, mostly black purses, I sighed and said, Find me! And as I turned around, I'm pretty sure I saw a bright glowing light and heard angels singing. There it was. The perfect Italian Rosacci bag I could never have imagined. Crazy colorful, playful, big enough, but not too big, and it actually has fashion-y magazine article titles scattered all over it. Italian Fashion Week, When Fashion Meets Art, Breathtaking Views of Venice, Love at First Sight... And here's the kicker - maybe best of all, the tag says it's vegan-approved by PETA. Score! I grabbed it off the rack as if the man a few feet away, waiting for his wife to hurry up and finish please, was going to try to snap it out from under me. Mine! And all for $29!

Whatever else happens, it's official, there is certified vegan fashion at Portland Fashion Week. You're welcome, and I'm happy.

Now on with the show, which was my favorite so far. My friends and I were miraculously offered front row seats at the last minute. What fun! And what better pictures I was able to take!

Front row selfie. No idea who these guys are.

With my friend Karena, who just moved here from Taos. It's her first night out in Portland. What a welcome!
Cristina Melinte was along for more fun, looking fabulous as always, in her own design.
I wore a cute little Calvin Klein sweater dress I picked up at Ross for next to nothing.
11ยบ South Indonesian Batik Wear

Hannah Caroline Couture

Love it.

Fraulein Couture

Crochet. Wonderful.

The fur is for sure faux.

Betty Jean Couture

I covet this genuine not-fur coat.

Brides for a Cause

Clayton Beck - still my favorite

I know - feathers are not vegan. I got caught up in the moment.

Some of the beautiful boy models, Clayton Beck (second from left), and our fearless PFW leader, Tod Foulk (center)

Dancing our way back to the car after a magical, amazing night.
Tonight (Sunday) is the last night of the show. I'm told there will be surprises (!), and that we should not plan on being anywhere early Monday morning. No guesses, but I'm in! You can still get tickets. You know you want to.

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