Sunday, October 4, 2015

Portland Fashion Week - the Photographers

I just want to take a minute to give some love to all the real photographers at Portland Fashion Week. They were shy of my camera when I aimed it at them, but agreed to this little shot as long as they could hide behind their own cameras for the most part. They deserve a huge amount of credit for all the hours they're putting in, and the beautiful work they're doing. Blow them some kisses, check out their photos on the PFW Facebook page, and visit their websites. Every one of them is amazing.

PFW 2015 Photographers
Ashley Carter
Denise Ruttan
Dung Nguyen
Janice Lorentz
Jeff Wong
Karla Melgarejo
Katherine Elesser
Michael Helms
Nina Sage
Sarah Miles
Terri McKee
Abiel Hoff

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Nina's Photography said...

Kim. Thank you for the positive vibes. It has been a pleasure working with you