Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guest Blogger - the Beautiful Miss Lauren

Well all of a sudden my darling girl is doing a lot more blogging (and boating) than I am. I have an excuse. I'm busy closing up the BeadShop, which has meant countless hours of sorting, photographing, editing, emailing, wrapping, and shipping each day, only to go back and do it again and again. I'm not done yet, but there's an end in sight. That's when I can get to my real work, which is back here blogging, and back in the kitchen whipping up healthy running fuel for this last month of pre-race training. I'll try to keep up with Lauren as far as these quick updates go though. I'm regularly running 3 days a week, and walking and swimming 3 days. I rest on Sundays. 

Today I went to Santa Fe, and had lunch at a terrific new raw vegan place called Mama Pacha, which I'll talk more about soon. What I want to mention here is the little laminated story I read while washing my hands in the restroom, about the world's oldest marathon runner, who is now 101 years old and still running. He credits his vegetarian diet, as well as his faith. He started running at age 86. OK then. That's what I call encouraging. Here's a bit of his story: Fauja Singh

And now, heeeeere's Lauren...

Just as suspected this weekend didn't include any real working out... I did fake workouts instead. There was a lot of floating around in the water, trying not to drown takes some energy. I used a tiny bit of my muscle power to help dock the boat a couple times, that is at least two solid minutes of engaging my core and arms. I walked some, had to sit up every once in awhile to grab another cool beverage or snack and occasionally I would be jumped on and asked to taxi people from one boat to the other, extreme core balance. Basically it was a really difficult weekend as far as fake workouts go. And even though I was exhausted from being in the sun for 15+ hours this weekend I did not miss a beat come Monday.

August 6th: 
After work, even though I still felt as though I was floating among the waves on Lake Washington I went to a boot camp class. It may have been the hardest class yet because the room was about 95 degrees and I was mostly using eight pound weights instead of my usual three. By the end of it every person in the class looked like they had just oiled up for a photo shoot. Clearly it just means we (myself included) were all working very hard! 

August 7th - 26 days to go
This morning I got up to to go the 6am class. With the workout room still stiflingly and the stiffness from yesterday's workout setting in I managed to push through a gruesome workout. I think I must have done at least 100 squats while pressing my eight pound weights in the air, 15 minutes of solid planking and enough push-ups to make my arms feel like jello. I will be surprised if I can move tomorrow. This evening just so my body doesn't totally shut down I think I am heading out on short hike, nothing to strenuous, but I think it helps with the pain and tightness when I do an easy evening workout. 

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