Thursday, August 2, 2012

Those Beautiful Spring Rolls

Last weekend I went to a friend's open studio, and thought I'd take along a little treat for the food table. I made these lovely spring rolls, which were devoured in no time. Fortunately I thought to take a picture of them before we left the house. I posted it on my Facebook page, and people are going crazy for it over there. Lots of new fans. Very cool.

I'm getting a lot of requests for the recipe, and while I want to oblige, I can only give you part of it. I don't mean to be all weird and mysterious, but I kind of have to. I learned this really wonderful technique for making the spring rolls from Mark Reinfeld of Vegan Fusion. He specifically asked that we not share the technique online, and I have to respect that. But assuming that many of you already have your own way of making spring rolls, I can tell you what's inside of these. If you don't know how to roll up a spring roll, there are lots of YouTube videos on how to do it. I've watched a lot of them, and I really do know a better way, which I hope I'll get permission to share with you at some point. For now, here's all you get!

Spring Roll Filling
(in order of placement - all vegetables are raw)

white sesame seeds - down the center of the wrap
chopped lettuce - over the sesame seeds
grated carrots - over the lettuce
zucchini "noodles" - made on a Spiralizer - everything from here is placed for easy rolling
Buddha Belly Sauce - just a little over the zucchini
red bell pepper

Roll it up, slice in half at a slight diagonal, and garnish with black sesame seeds and asparagus. Serve with extra sauce for dipping if it won't be to messy.
Enjoy, and see you on Facebook!


Bette said...

Thank you so much. I will make these to share. Look amazing.Cheers

freeAW said...

This looked so wonderful on FB that I immediately looked for an ingredient list so that I could make these for dinner that night. I am so glad you posted this recipe. I do not wrap so beautifully so I will have to learn Mark Reinfeldʻs technique because obviously he has a good thing going for that :-)